Kronos – Creating a base request

Any Kronos client will be available to use three basic commands Insert Get Delete In future I want to add few more, like Count and GetKeys. Each of requests to the server serialized to binary form is preceded by few bytes of meta-data, including RequestType. In code its represented as a Request class, which in addition to type has two generic methods. At the beginning they might look Read more about Kronos – Creating a base request[…]

.NET Core and Continuous Integration with AppVeyor

I’ve spent some time on searching for good Continuous Integration (CI) for Kronos. My requirements were simple:

  • free for Open Source project
  • support for .NET Core (DNX runtimes)
  • easy configuration
  • good connection with github

Yegor Bugayenko wrote a great article about CI platforms. Here is a table with differences:


ASP.NET team uses AppVeyor. My decision was quite fast – let’s play with this CI.


Kronos #01 – distributed cache system based on .NET Core

Since last year I was thinking how to increase my skills with multithreading programming and distributed systems. I really like these topics – after reading few books I still want to learn more. With current growth rate of cloud platforms these two skills could be really desirable in the labor market. Also I never had enough experience with operating system other than Windows. In next May I will be completing my Bachelors degree, so it would be great to combine these ideas with my engineer’s thesis. After quick technology research and few conversations with another programmers – I’ve decided what I want to write – distributed cache system, available on Linux – Kronos. Sounds reasonable, yes?

Except one thing –  I want to do it with .NET.


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