Visual Studio Launch Party in Wrocław – quick review

Last Tuesday I had a chance to participate in the first meeting of the new IT group in Wrocław called Make Sense in It. This event was also a Visual Studio Launch Party in Wrocław. The event was held in an unusual place called Factory of the sense positioned in a old, stylish tenement house in the center of Wroclaw.


The organizers provided an interesting program, which was a combination of look to the future with memories of old times.

  1. “Few words about Make SENSE in IT” by Łukasz Olbromski @lukaszolbromski

  2. Stream of the Visual Studio 2017 launch

  3. “Visual Studio in Dinosaur’s view” by Paweł Łukasik @pawel_lukasik

  4. “What has changed in Visual Studio” by Marcin Dudek @manek_d

  5. “Why VIM instead of VS? by Mirek Pragłowski @mpraglowski

  6. “My history of MonoDevelop” by Jakub Bentkowski @BentouDev

Sessions were full of discussions and opinions which gave a great taste of the whole meeting.

With big pleasure, I have to say that the organization of the meeting was very high and organizers deserve congratulations – Marcin and Łukasz – great job!

For anyone interested in next event, join meetup group or visit website of the Make Sense in It.